About me

PhD in Telecommunication Engineering, currently Professor at UPM, where I teach courses on Statistics and Machine Learning, both at Degree and Master level.

My main research interest focuses on Artificial Intelligence, Optimal Control and Signal Processing methods applied to different fields. Although right now I am focused on medical applications, I have also applied these tools to Autonomous Navigation, Cybersecurity and Audio Separation. For a more detailed view, you can check my publications.

Finally, you can find more details on my CV.


For UPM students, if you are interested in applying AI methods to medicine in your Bachelor or Master thesis, do not hesitate to contact me via email or UPM Teams. If I do not reply within a week, mail again, as your mail may have been marked as spam.

Latest news

  • In 2024, we have submitted a new preprint:
    • SAVAE: Leveraging the variational Bayes autoencoder for survival analysis, preprinted to ArXiv.